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Single white male living in the desert of Peoria, AZ. I have a degree in radio broadcasting, I've done work for just about any station you name it in AZ, and have been involved with "The Rocky Horror Show" in Phoenix since 1989. I have worked on the syndicated cable TV series ILLEGAL PROGRAMMING and VIDEO DIFFICULTIES and had my own show, PANIC BUTTON. I had a song I made when I was a teenager played on "The Dr Demento Show". My scenes were cut from the Whiney Houston classic "Waiting to Exhale". I like beer...

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User Number: 32357
Date Created:12-11-2000
Number of Posts: 602

Justin he is your ICON. If it is not pre-show of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it either karaoke, radio, stand-up comedy, net radio, his TV show withpurplepenguin, or just being the best overall performer of all time. So, "Who's your ICON?"
Strengths: The power to rip the roof from the ceiling by just saying the word 'noise'.
Weaknesses: Runny Eggs, ring around the collar, fish, Smurfs, Smurfette, the Smurftones, Smurf Griffen.
Special Skills: Smoke generation/control, hold breath indefinitely, explodes, friction manipulation
Weapons: Ether Pitchfork, turbo Scimitar and kinetic Blades
A.K.A.: Kewl Whip, Mellow Dick Rock and "Your ICON"...

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