Your ICON (justinsane) wrote,

That time of year again (Time to make money off of me!)

Round 1
Lakers in 4
Nuggets in 6
Suns in 5
Mavs in 7

Cavs in 4
Heat in 6
Hawks in 4
Magic in 4

Round 2
Lakers in 6
Mavs in 6

Cavs in 6
Magic in 5

Round 3
Lakers in 4
Cavs in 7

Cavs in 6
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Your East picks are perfect.

The only errors in the West is you picking Mavs over the Spurs. The Spurs are only recently at 100% and should beat Mavs in 6. Then the Suns beat the Spurs in 6. The Lakers beat the Suns in 5.

The finals is flip-a-coin.
I would say Spurs over Mavs seeing that David Stern has such a hard on for San Antonio but depth of the Dallas bench so light years much better than the Spurs. San Antonio is just a good team at this point in their game.

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